Delivery was faster than expected. Food was good, the meat tasted real and the veggies were fresh and crisp. Their steamed dumplings and sauce are really good, as was their lo mein. Chicken and broccoli was also good.
This is the first and last time I will order from Soga Shabu Shabu. They were fairly prompt to deliver and I did not have to wait long, but I will admit I only live a few blocks away. In the instructions field I told them to come down the driveway to the back of my building. When they called and said they had arrived, I reiterated very clearly over the phone that they should come to the back of my building. I received a "uh huh" and then they hung up. After waiting outside my door for 5 minutes or so, I walked around to the front where it turned out the delivery guy had been standing the whole time. I have lived here for a year and received delivery from numerous restaurants, and never have had trouble with these instructions before Soga Shabu Shabu. I understand that the driver did not speak English well, and I can sympathize with trying to understand instructions not in your native language. However, there were two people in the delivery vehicle and I don't think it's too much to ask that at least one of them would read the instructions. Additionally, if I had a food allergy or some other dietary restriction, I would absolutely not trust that they would be careful enough to read such directions. There surely had to be at least one employee who could have had the ability to tell the driver what I had written. Lastly, the food was mediocre, especially given the slightly higher price than many of its competitors. I will admit that the quality of the chicken in my stir fries was better than many cheap Chinese restaurants. However, the overall flavor just was not that great. The Kung Pao chicken is one of my favorite dishes at most Chinese restaurants, but this one just fell flat. Because I had never before had a dish titled cabbage mustard chicken, I feel less qualified to critique it, so I will simply say I think it was just not particularly great. The fried pork dumplings were a bit crispier than I am used to and would have liked, but they were still very tasty and would recommend them. Overall, the service was okay at best and I can't say much more about the dishes I tried. If I am going to eat food that is very unhealthy, I would prefer to absolutely love it. Eating mediocre food that is only going to fatten me up without much enjoyment is not worth it.
super fast and it was delicious
Fast, arrived before estimated time. Large portions. Will order again for sure.
Any questions please call us.